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Product Specifications

Manfrotto  Kit 290 XTRA - Trépied en Aluminium avec Rotule 3W  

Caractéristiques principales

Style:  Trépied, vidéo, Photo, utilisation moyenne

Portée en Hauteur (Incl. la Hauteur Max de Colonne):  171.5 - 42 - 147.5

Marque:  Manfrotto

Manfrotto-Kit 290 XTRA - Trépied en Aluminium avec Rotule 3W-Trépieds & Monopieds
Specifications Accessoires


Portée en Hauteur (Incl. la Hauteur Max de Colonne)

171.5 - 42 - 147.5

Longeur Replié (cm)


Poids (kg)

2.5 kg

Chargement Maximal (kg)




Mécanisme de Verrouillage des Pieds


Type de Pieds


Sections des Pieds


Extension Indépendante des Pieds

Non Spécifié

Mécanisme de la Colonne Centrale


Couleurs Disponibles


Caractéristiques Supplémentaires

The new 290 Xtra is the perfect solution in terms of stability for hobbyist photographers. 
The 290 Xtra is a 3-section tripod, the biggest in the 290 range, with aluminum leg tubes and special top casting enhancing rigidity, durability and performance. Its aluminum leg-locking levers are tension-adjustable, so they can be tightened to counteract any effects of aging and wear, keeping the tripod fully functional throughout its long lifespan. This tripod’s key feature is its choice of four leg angle positions which maximize shooting creativity. Its rapid center column adds flexibility and extends the min-max height range. A new rubber legwarmer guarantees comfortable grip and maximum ergonomics. The tripod comes with a dedicated shoulder bag ensuring comfortable portability at all times. 
The new 290 Xtra comes in a kit with the new updated 804 three-way photo head with quick release plate, specifically designed for compactness and transportability. This patented head ensures precise framing and solid support of medium-heavy camera equipment. The key feature of this new head is its retractable levers which fold away when not in use, making it more compact for easier portability. Its newly-designed ergonomic handles are made of special, grip-increasing rubber. The three-way head is made of Adapto, a lightweight polymer which keeps weight low while ensuring high mechanical resistance for sturdy support.


■ La liste d'accessoires fournis peut changer par région ou pays!, Rotule 3D MH804-3W

Nombre de Pattes



Tête Incluse


Tête Interchangeable


Mouvement Horizontal / Vertical


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